The world needs change.

Climate chaos, endless war, racism, oppression and huge economic inequality have brought people into the streets and to the ballot box calling for a new way of organizing the world.

That desire has also created new electoral campaigns. Syriza in Greece, Podemos in Spain, Jeremy Corbyn and Bernie Sanders have all given some expression to that need for change.

In Canada, the election of a Liberal government has given many hope after almost a decade of brutal Conservative rule.

Yet even with the new government, pipelines are still being built, soldiers are still marching to war and the 1% is getting richer while the rest suffer. In many ways, things are very much the same. How do we bring about substantial change that can finally bring about a world of true peace and justice?

Join us for a weekend conference to debate and discuss how we can work to achieve real change.

Conference held at the University of Toronto | Multifaith Centre | 569 Spadina Ave.

Organized by the International Socialists |

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